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Marketing content written by Elissa Cottle for Diamond Cut Homes:

When your home needs repair or improvement, one of the most important choices you'll make is which contractor should do the job. Choosing Diamond Cut Homes means getting a contractor who will listen carefully to what you want, and complete the work within your budget and your expectations.

You'll get a contractor who wants you to enjoy your refinished home, after the last nail is hit on the head.

Diamond Cut Homes is a small company, owned and operated by Alex Burlakov, a general contractor who gives a lot of attention to each home, making sure all the work is done well.

He also likes to add a nice surprise for his homeowners, such as a free gutter upgrade with a roofing project.

Alex builds relationships with his customers and takes care of them. He will be on-call for any of your questions or concerns. Customers are assured all improvements by Diamond Cut Homes will last many years.

Diamond Cut Homes offers a full range of exterior and interior services, and helps you choose home improvement materials that will be a good fit in your community. The company also has experience with historic home restoration.

Alex Burlakov thinks of himself as a jeweler -- “I put my hands on a house and make it shine like a diamond.”

The history of our company

Diamond Cut Homes was established in 2007 by Alex Burlakov, company president and general contractor. To date, his company has worked on some 300 homes, mostly single-family, as well as attached-unit homes and businesses.

Many customers invite Alex back for new work, and refer him to friends and neighbors.

Alex started in the construction industry in 2001, installing siding, windows and roofing, painting and other services. He learned quickly and rose to management.

He realized he most enjoyed working directly with customers at their homes, rather than managing others, and decided to start his own company.

“I like being being present and involved in every job myself and that way I know exactly what's going on,” says Alex.

He keeps up-to-date with courses on how to properly install a wide range of materials, both for exterior and interior improvements. This allows him to offer you a broad choice of products to stay within your budget.

Alex also stays educated on updated building laws and code requirements.

The company's office is based in Brooklyn Park, MN, and Diamond Cut Homes serves the entire Twin Cities metro area or farther.

Alex's wife, Yelena, is the office administrator and the best business partner Alex could have, he says. Yelena also offers design advice if you would like guidance on colors and styles.

Diamond Cut Homes is insured and licensed by the state of Minnesota. The company provides labor warranties and products with the best warranties available.

Meet the Team

Alex Burlakov grew up in Kazakhstan, a large country bordered by Russia and China. His father is a Christian minister. His parents and four siblings came to the United States in 2001, when Alex was 21. Later Alex returned to Kazakhstan and married his high school sweetheart, Yelena, and brought her to the U.S. Alex and Yelena settled in the Twin Cities and had their daughter, Jasmine. Alex became a U.S. citizen and speaks fluent English. He enjoys spending time with his family and helping friends build cabins, garages and sheds.

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